Beagle by Precious Breeds
A sturdy hunting dog, the Beagle should look like a foxhound in miniature. His hunting ability, combined with a merry personality, has made the Beagle one of the most popular dogs in the United States according to AKC® Registration Statistics. The most famous Beagle of all is Snoopy from the comic strip "Peanuts." Today's Beagle comes in two height varieties (13 in. and 15 in.) and any true hound color, including tri-color, red and white and lemon.

Antique Pewter Beagle Bangle Charm Bracelet
Antique Pewter Beagle Leash Hook
Beagle Book Mark
Beagle Bottle Stopper
Beagle Key Chain
Beagle Magnet
Beagle Money Clip
Beagle Pendant
Beagle Pin
Beagle Shot Glass
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