Dachshund by Precious Breeds
The Dachshund, meaning "badger dog" in German, is a lively breed with a friendly personality and keen sense of smell. Known for their long and low bodies, they are eager hunters that excel in both above- and below-ground work. One of the most popular breeds according to AKC® Registration Statistics, they come in three different coat varieties (Smooth, Wirehaired or Longhaired) and can be miniature or standard size.

Antique Pewter Dachshund Leash Hook
Dachshund Book Mark
Dachshund Bottle Stopper
Dachshund Key Chain
Dachshund Magnet
Dachshund Money Clip
Dachshund Pendant
Dachshund Pin
Dachshund Shot Glass
Pewter Dachshund Bangle Charm Bracelet
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